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Radnor, PA


Thank you to everyone for being patient with us as we navigate our path to reopening! You will find below the changes and guidelines that we would like to make you aware of before coming to the facility.

To start, please visit the "Covid-19" page for some new overall Gravity Vault policies.

Here in Radnor, please remember that if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, we request that you do not enter our facility until 72 hours have passed since you last experienced symptoms. A list of COVID-19 symptoms can be found here:

 If you have not climbed at a Gravity Vault before, please remember to fill out a waiver prior to your arrival. We will not have physical copies onsite.  Waivers can be found here:

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED Reservations are available to Members, Punch Pass holders, climbing team participants and Day Pass purchasers through Vertical Life (link listed below).  All staff-led programs are booked over the phone or in person (do not book online if you require the help of a staff member, give us a call 610-756-2529).  If you are unsure of how to make a reservation, please call us, we can straighten it out very quickly.

Reservations can be made here for members, day passes and punch passes:

SIGNS will be posted at our entrances and our front desks to display current policies (which could change over time).

SOCIAL DISTANCING on the climbing floor means keeping 1 rope station in between climbing partners and 1 person in each bouldering section. Climbers are expected to maintain good social distancing and in general remain 6 feet apart at all times. Exceptions are made for those climbing with others from their household.

CLEANING PROCEDURES have been updated to reflect the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be arriving at the gym an hour before open each day to freshly clean the facility and will be fully cleaning the facility in the 3pm hour each day. All in an effort to provide 9am and 4pm hours as freshly cleaned for anyone coming in to climb.

LOCKER ROOMS will still be accessible, but the showers will be closed until further notice.

HAND SANITZERS will be placed throughout the gym. Folks are asked to hand sanitize upon entry to the gym, before starting a climb and after finishing one.

LIQUID CHALK is not only allowed but is highly encouraged. The gym will be providing free use of our liquid chalk if you would like to use it.

MASKS REQUIRED for all staff members while on shift, and for climbers while entering the facility and doing all other actions. 

We understand there will be members of the community who feel these precautions are too restrictive. We also understand that there will be others who feel these precautions don't go far enough. As climbers we must always err on the side of safety, while understanding that risk can never be eliminated from the sport we love.

With that, we are always open to your voices and feedback. Thank you again for your continued support! We are so excited to get you back climbing!

At a Glance

  • 16,000 Sp. Ft. of state-of-the-art climbing facility
  • 100+ Tope Rope Stations
  • Lead Cave & other dedicated Lead Only Areas
  • Bouldering (Moon Board)
  • 2 Cracks
  • Rappel Tower
  • Chimney
  • Auto-belays
  • Locker Rooms with Showers
  • Fitness/Exercise Room with Cardiovascular Equipment and Weights
  • Retail Shop
  • Summer Camps
  • Kids Classes
  • Team
  • Birthday Parties

Gift Cards

Give the gift of climbing!

Purchase online so they can enjoy in the gym!

Memberships and Punch Passes

Memberships & Day Passes

  • All membership options are currently available for purchase
  • Day pass & punch pass users are welcome as well
  • For members, day passers, and non-climbing guests - please make a reservation for time in the gym through Vertical Life

Full pricing & options are listed under the "Pricing" tab. Please call or email with any questions!


All Climbers - We're Back!

As excited as we are to get every person in the community climbing, we need to phase in our different program offerings. To start, reservations are required and are only available for self-supervised climbers. This means that members and punch pass holders can check in, and day passes can be purchased.

Climbing Team members can reserve time just like other members. Practices will be starting in a modified format shortly.

Reservations can be made by clicking the image above, or through the Vertical Life app.