Poughkeepsie, NY


Director of Operations

Although she has a funny accent and drinks a lot of tea with milk, Karen loves to meet new people and will always welcome your crew with a smile. Keep Calm and Climb On mates!

Mike "Mp"


Gym Manager, Competitive Team Coach, Route Setter and all round good dude....this boy does it all! When not at the Gym you'll find Mike in the Gunks doing what he loves best....lying in a hammock watching other people climb!!

Coach Andrew

Intermediate & Advanced Climbing Team Coach

Coach Andrew takes his responsibilities of introducing and advancing our Youth athletes in the sport very seriously. He is educated, methodical and organized in his training sessions and as a British Mountaineering Council certified Single Pitch Instructor, also highly qualified. He has numerous years of experience working with Youth of all ages at the highest levels of performance, while making sure the kids have tons of fun! "If they love coming to training and have fun during the sessions with their friends, then it doesn't seem like work. I love coaching our teams at Gravity Vault because this is what we're all about....building tough as nails competitive climbers in a really fun and secure setting, where the kids can embrace all aspects of the awesome sport of climbing!"

Coach Mike

Competitive Climbing Team Coach

There he is again....Coach Mike uses all that Gunks hammock time to save up his energy for Competitive Team practices 3 times a week! Mike works with our most accomplished young climbers, in coordination with Coach Andrew, to provide an intensive and safe individualized workout plan for our Competitive Team. Close communication and coordination between the team coaches ensures consistency and measured program intensity increases, as climbers move up through the team levels.

The AWESOME Gravity Vault Poughkeepsie Crew

Don't let their hardcore climber appearance deceive! From walk in climbing for the kids, to belay classes and beyond....this crew will make sure you get your CLIMB ON and have plenty FUN FUN FUN!