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Day Passes

If you're an experienced climber not needing the assistance of one of our instructors, day passes are a great option as they give you access to the facility all day!
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The Gravity Vault offers a variety of membership options to suit everyone. Prepaid options include: 1 month, 3 month and Annual options. We also have an Annual option which is billed monthly. We offer memberships good at just one location or at all locations. Check our Pricing page for a complete list of membership options and rates.
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Everyone loves a great deal! Check out the specials below!
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Wednesday: Student Day
All day on Wednesdays, students can purchase a discounted day pass. In case you aren't yet belay certified, students also receive a discounted rate on the Belay Class! *Must have a currently valid student ID. Please contact the front desk for more information regarding eligibility*
Friday: Happy Hour after 5pm
Join us for 50% off Day Passes starting at 5pm on Fridays! Looking to learn how to manage the ropes? Our Friday night Belay Class is only $20!

Come in, get climbing and get happy!
1 Month Membership with Full Equipment Rentals
This membership special is great for those climbers who are just starting out and includes all the essentials: 1 month of climbing, Full Equipment Rental (Shoes, Harness, Chalk Bag), and a free Belay Class!

Junior Climbing Teams

For kids who want to take climbing to the next level, they can try out for Team Vault. We offer 3 levels of climbing teams based on ability that practice 1-2 times a week. Team members train together with our coaches to improve their climbing skills and overall fitness. They also may compete both individually and as a team in both Bouldering and Sport Climbing competitions governed by USA Climbing.
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Intermediate Climbing Team (Ages 7-19)

The Intermediate Team is comprised of individuals that have limited climbing experience and are interested in taking climbing to the next level. They need to have basic knowledge of top roping and bouldering as well as have the ability to effectively use their feet to position their body while climbing.

Climbers Ability: 5.8-5.10; V0-V2

*Climbers need their own equipment.

155.00 / month
Advanced Climbing Team (Ages 7-19)

The Advanced Team is comprised of individuals who have a well-rounded climbing technique. They will undergo an intensive training program that includes: stretching, cross training and developing advanced climbing skills. As a feeder program for our Competitive Climbing Team, this group will be tested physically and mentally both on and off the wall..

Climbers Ability: 5.10-5.11; V1-V4

*Climbers need their own equipment.

215.00 / month
Competitive Climbing Team (Ages 7-19)

The Competitive Team is comprised of the strongest climbers. These climbers follow a rigorous training program suited for athletes competing at the national level. Not all members need to compete in the USA Climbing Program to qualify for the team; they may choose to only boulder or top rope. They will be given workouts to maximize their strength, stamina, technique and problem solving skills.

Climbers Ability: 5.11-5.13; V3-V10+

*Climbers need their own equipment.

275.00 / month

Lead Climbing Class

If you have never led before, or it's been a while since you have, this class is for you! In our lead climbing class you will learn all the fundamentals of lead climbing and belaying for indoor sport climbing. Belay techniques covered include: feeding rope while climbing, feeding rope while clipping, rope management, stick clipping, dynamic belay techniques with a Petzl Gri Gri device. The lead climbing portion covers topics such as: risk management, proper movement around the rope while climbing, clipping technique. Pre-Requisites: Must be Top Rope Belay Certified and capable of climbing a 5.9+/5.10 consistently.
Per Participant 59.00
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Technique Class

Been to the gym a few times and feel like you’re thrashing your way to the top? Seen experienced climbers “make it look easy”, and want that flow? Feel stuck at your current grade and not sure how to bump to the next level? Technique Class is for you!
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Fight Gravity

In this one day class you will learn how to find and use your center of gravity through proper foot and hand technique, allowing you to “flow” up the walls. This increased efficiency will allow you to save energy and link more difficult sequences.

Some techniques to be covered include: Back-steps, Flags, Perching, and Heel Hooks.

Per Participant 50.00

CWI Certification

The Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program is laid out by the Climbing Wall Association. The certification standards are intended to promote industry self-regulation and assist owner/operators of climbing facilities in the management and operation of those facilities by establishing consistent, observable, and minimum criteria for evaluating climbing wall instructors. CWA certification standards have been released after a public review process and pertain to technical skills and teaching of technical climbing skills only. This course is offered to the public occasionally throughout the year, and can be set up privately for groups of 4 or more. Call for pricing and reservations.
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