Melville, NY

The AWESOME Gravity Vault Melville Crew

Don't let their hardcore climber appearance deceive! From walk in climbing for the kids, to belay classes and beyond....this crew will make sure you get your CLIMB ON and have plenty FUN FUN FUN!


Assistant Facility Manager

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well this one says it all and represents the energy and enthusiasm Stacey puts in to making sure our customers have a great time climbing with us. Give her a wave the next time you visit and you'll get to see this picture for real!


Facility Manager

Adam is passionate about bringing the sport of climbing to as many new faces as possible. Managing one of the most extensive and state of the art Indoor Rock Climbing and Fitness facilities in New York is a huge responsibility and you'll always find Adam hard at work figuring out how to keep making the Gym even more awesome for all our Members and Guests. Adam also loves to teach and occassionaly he's let loose from behind the front desk to teach classes and Coach our USA Climbing Youth Climbing Team!


Director of Operations

Although she has a funny accent and drinks a lot of tea with milk, Karen loves to meet new people and will always welcome your crew with a smile. Keep Calm and Climb On mates!