Middletown Kids Classes



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At The Gravity Vault, we offer six week session classes that are available six times a week. These classes are great for beginner to advanced climbers.  Our instructors have put together a curriculum that will foster your child's physical fitness and self confidence in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment.  Your kids will build strength and technique while having fun with top rope climbing, traversing, bouldering, knot tying, developmental climbing technique, and climbing safety.

Please call or stop by to register your kids today!

6 Week class session $199*

Class Sessions

AGES 5-6: Little Rockers
AGES 7-13: Cliff Hangers, After School Rocks, Rock Stars, Climb On
AGES 14+: Belay Certification

Did you miss the first class? Just looking to try a class out? Then join the current session for only $40 per class! Call for details and class availability.


Little Rockers: Ages 5-6                                                    Cliff Hangers: Ages 7-13

     Time: 10:00-11:00am                                                                           Time: 11:00-12:30pm

2015 Class Schedule

January 4th - February 8th (Make-up February 15th)
February 15th - March 22nd (Make-up March 29th)
April 12th - May 17th (Make-Up May 24th)
May 31st - July 12th (Make-Up July 19th)
July 26th - August 30th (Make-Up September 6th)
September 13th - October 18th (Make-Up October 25th)
November 1st - December 6th (Make-Up December 13th)


After School Rocks: ages 7-13                                               Rock Stars: ages 7-13

     Time:  4:00-5:30pm                                                Time:  6:00-7:30pm

2015 Class Schedule

January 6th - February 10th (Make-up February 17th)
February 24th - March 31st (Make-up April 7th)
April 14th - May 19th (Make-Up May 26th)
June 2nd - July 7th (Make-Up July 14th)
July 21st - August 25th (Make-Up September 1st)

September 8th - October 13th (Make-Up October 20th)

October 27th - December 1st (Make-Up December 8th)


After School Rocks Ages: 7-13                                        Climb On Ages: 10-13

   Time: 4:00-5:30pm                                                                                Time: 6:00-7:30pm 

2015 Class Schedule 

January 8th - February 12th (Make-up February 19th)

February 19th - April 2nd (Make-up April 9th)

April 16th - May 21st (Make-Up May 28th)

June 4th - July 9th (Make-Up July 16th)

July 23rd - August 27th (Make-Up September 3rd)

September 10th - October 15th (Make-Up October 22nd)

October 29th - December 10th (Make-Up December 17th)

*Additional Information

  • Each participant must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.The Gravity Vault Waiver
  • Our classes require a non refundable payment in full to secure class registration
  • Each six week class session includes a single make up class which runs the week following the last class of each session
  • Harnesses are provided for all participants. Children are required to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing