Upper Saddle River, NJ

Gravity Vault Waiver Forms

Every climber in our facility must have a completed waiver form prior to climbing. If you are under 18 years of age one must be completed by a parent or legal guardian prior to climbing. 

Birthday Party, Staff Belay, Walk-In Climbing and Introduction to Rock Climbing participants:

The below form is appropriate for those working with our staff in one of the following programs: Birthday Parties, Introduction to Rock Climbing, Walk-Ins, and Staff Belays. This form is good for one day and must be completed each time you climb with us. 

Working with Staff Waiver (2 Page Waiver)

General Waiver form for all climbers:

If you climb on your own in our facility or work frequently with our staff, the form below needs only to be signed and submitted once to be kept on file, you will be able to sign our digital waiver on your subsequent visits.

The Gravity Vault Waiver (4 Page Waiver)

*Please be sure to read and complete all initials and signatures for each document prior to arrival*