Poughkeepsie, NY

Karen Davidson


Although she has a funny accent and drinks a lot of tea with milk, Karen loves to meet new people and will always welcome your crew with a smile. Keep Calm and Climb On mates!

James Armstrong

Assistant Manager

Prounounced " Chjames!" Chjames is "Armstrong" by name, "Armstrong" by nature!

The AWESOME Gravity Vault Poughkeepsie Crew

Don't let their hardcore climber appearance deceive! From walk in climbing for the kids, to belay classes and beyond....this crew will make sure you get your CLIMB ON and have plenty FUN FUN FUN!

Team Coaches


Ryan Ciccone - Intermediate Team Coach. Ryan lives and breathes climbing. On the rare occasion he's not working or climbing at The Gravity Vault, he can be found in the Gunks working on his latest project. Ryan has a passion for working with kids and as he puts it "I'm just so pumped to be able to share climbing with so many awesome people!"

Jason Beaupre - Advanced & Competitive Team Coach. As a Gunks local, Jason is well known and respected in the Climbing community and is an active Board Member of the Gunks Climbers Coalition. He has extensive Youth coaching experience and works hard to create a high energy and positive learning environment for our strongest Youth athletes. He has an unwavering passion for the Sport and inspires our young athletes to always push harder to new heights!

Dawes Strickler - Advanced, Competitive Team and Head Coach. Dawes is also the Climbing Team Coach for the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has extensive experience building and managing all levels of athlete training programs and development. Dawes has created a regimen of cardio and strength training for each of our training levels, to compliment the climbing instruction, as well as the goals of each program and each individual Youth athlete. 

Dawes, Jason and Ryan are excited to see Team Gravity Vault Poughkeepsie in action in their first USA Climbing competitive season.