Chatham, NJ

Saturday, October 29, 2016
9:00am ~ 5:00pm
Climbing Wall Association-Climbing Wall Instructor Course (One Day Class)
Chatham, NJ

Why take the CWI Certification?

Certification Standards are intended to promote industry self-regulation and assist owner/operators of climbing facilities in the management and operation of those facilities by establishing consistent, observable, and minimum criteria for evaluating climbing wall instructors. CWA certification standards have been released after a public review process and pertain to technical skills and teaching of technical climbing skills only. The CWA Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Course will address the basic technical skills necessary to participate in an instructional program at a climbing facility, and will address the following general topic areas:

  • equipment and facility inspection
  • client orientation and instruction
  • teaching top rope skills
  • teaching lead skills (optional)
  • bouldering and spotting
  • emergency procedures

Experience Recommendations:

Prior climbing experience is important in developing the skills necessary to climb safely and teach basic climbing and belaying skills to others. We recommend the following experience guidelines for successful candidates:

  • The candidate has one year personal climbing experience;
  • The candidate has a minimum 20 outings climbing indoors and/or outdoors;
  • The candidate has a combination of formal training and climbing experience of 40 hours.

Candidates that do not have sufficient prior climbing experience may not pass the course.

Cost: $245/ student ($45 CWA Certification fee included)

*Course fees are non refundable


  • Weekend classes are held in one, 8 hour session from 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Weekday classes are held in two, 4 hour sessions from 5:00PM-9:00PM
  • Private classes may be schedule for groups of 2 or more- please contact

Application - Please email for application submissions.

CWI Student Manual

CWA Climbing Wall Instructor Assessment instrument

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